clean MFF: On Location - Video Podcast Series: MFF: On Location #10 Grand Canyon Adventure- Filming White Water Rapids with an IMAX Camera

Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk

Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk
Currently showing on MFF: On Location, as well as giant screen theaters and giant screen 3D theatres

Friday, April 3, 2009

MFF: On Location #10 Grand Canyon Adventure- Filming White Water Rapids with an IMAX Camera

Episode 10 of "MFF: On Location" for "Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk" goes behind-the-scenes of filming the unpredictable white water rapids of the Colorado River. Wade Davis, a white water river guide himself, had always wanted to run one of the most dangerous rapids in The Grand Canyon: Lava Falls. His dream was complicated when director Greg MacGillivray decided to mount a heavy IMAX camera to his raft in order to capture the rapids from a unique angle. Watch as Wade struggles with the intense rapids and feel like you're right there on the river with our film crew.

Starring Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Kick Kennedy, Wade Davis, Tara Davis and Shana Watahomigie. Presented by Teva and proudly supported by Kohler. Music by Dave Matthews Band.

Click here to download the High-resolution Quicktime version (640x480)


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